Install from conda-forge#

conda install -c conda-forge pystac

Install from source#

pip install git+


As a foundational component of the Python STAC ecosystem used in a number of downstream libraries, PySTAC aims to minimize its dependencies. As a result, the only dependency for the basic PySTAC library is python-dateutil.

PySTAC also has the following extras, which can be optionally installed to provide additional functionality:

  • validation

    Installs the additional jsonschema dependency. When this dependency is installed, the validation methods may be used to validate STAC objects against the appropriate JSON schemas.

    To install:

    pip install pystac[validation]
  • orjson

    Installs the additional orjson dependency. When this dependency is installed, orjson will be used as the default JSON serialization/deserialization for all operations in PySTAC.

    To install:

    pip install pystac[orjson]