PySTAC Introduction#

This tutorial gives an introduction to PySTAC concepts through code examples.

How to read data from STAC#

This tutorial shows how to read data from PySTAC into xarray.

PySTAC SpaceNet tutorial#

This tutorial shows how to create and manipulate a STAC of SpaceNet data.

How to create STAC Catalogs with PySTAC#

This was a tutorial that was part of a 30 minute presentation at the community STAC sprint in Arlington, VA in November 2019. It runs through creating a STAC of images from the SpaceNet 5 dataset.

Creating a Landsat 8 STAC#

This tutorial was presented at [Cloud Native Geospatial Outreach Day](https://sites.google.com/radiant.earth/cng-agenda/) on September 8th, 2020. It shows how to create a STAC collection from a subset of Landsat 8 scenes over a location.

Adding New and Custom Extensions#

This tutorial goes over how to contribute new extensions to PySTAC as well as how to implement your own custom extensions.