PySTAC Documentation

PySTAC is a library for working with SpatioTemporal Asset Catalogs (STAC).


STAC Versions

  • 0.5 -> STAC Version 1.0

  • 0.4 -> STAC Version 0.9

  • 0.3 -> STAC Version 0.8

Standard pip install

pip install pystac

PySTAC Features

  • Reads and writes STAC version 0.8. Future versions will read older versions of STAC, but always write one version.

  • Allows in-memory manipulations of STAC catalogs.

  • Allows users to extend the IO of STAC metadata to provide support e.g. cloud providers.

  • Allows easy iteration over STAC objects. STAC objects are only read in when needed.

  • Allows users to easily write “absolute published”, “relative published” and “self-contained” catalogs as described in the best practices documentation.


This library builds on the code and concepts of sat-stac.

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