Source code for pystac.rel_type

from pystac.utils import StringEnum

[docs]class RelType(StringEnum): """A list of common rel types that can be used in STAC Link metadata. See :stac-spec:`"Using Relation Types <>` in the STAC Best Practices for guidelines on using relation types. You may also want to refer to the "Relation type" documentation for :stac-spec:`Catalogs <catalog-spec/>`, :stac-spec:`Collections <collection-spec/>`, or :stac-spec:`Items <item-spec/>` for relation types specific to those STAC objects. """ ALTERNATE = "alternate" CANONICAL = "canonical" CHILD = "child" COLLECTION = "collection" ITEM = "item" ITEMS = "items" LICENSE = "license" DERIVED_FROM = "derived_from" NEXT = "next" PARENT = "parent" PREV = "prev" PREVIEW = "preview" ROOT = "root" SELF = "self" VIA = "via"