class pystac.rel_type.RelType(value)[source]

A list of common rel types that can be used in STAC Link metadata. See “Using Relation Types in the STAC Best Practices for guidelines on using relation types. You may also want to refer to the “Relation type” documentation for Catalogs, Collections, or Items for relation types specific to those STAC objects.

ALTERNATE = 'alternate'
CANONICAL = 'canonical'
CHILD = 'child'
COLLECTION = 'collection'
DERIVED_FROM = 'derived_from'
ITEM = 'item'
ITEMS = 'items'
LICENSE = 'license'
NEXT = 'next'
PARENT = 'parent'
PREV = 'prev'
PREVIEW = 'preview'
ROOT = 'root'
SELF = 'self'
VIA = 'via'