Implements the Grid Extension.

class pystac.extensions.grid.GridExtension(item: Item)[source]#

A concrete implementation of GridExtension on an Item that extends the properties of the Item to include properties defined in the Grid Extension.

This class should generally not be instantiated directly. Instead, call GridExtension.ext() on an Item to extend it.

>>> item: pystac.Item = ...
>>> proj_ext = GridExtension.ext(item)
apply(code: str) None[source]#

Applies Grid extension properties to the extended Item.


code – REQUIRED. The code of the Item’s grid location.

property code: str | None#

Get or sets the grid code of the datasource.

classmethod ext(obj: Item, add_if_missing: bool = False) GridExtension[source]#

Extends the given STAC Object with properties from the Grid Extension.

This extension can be applied to instances of Item.


pystac.ExtensionTypeError – If an invalid object type is passed.

classmethod get_schema_uri() str[source]#

Gets the schema URI associated with this extension.

classmethod get_schema_uris() list[str][source]#

Gets a list of schema URIs associated with this extension.

item: pystac.Item#

The Item being extended.

name: Literal['grid'] = 'grid'#
properties: dict[str, Any]#

The Item properties, including extension properties.

class pystac.extensions.grid.GridExtensionHooks[source]#
prev_extension_ids: set[str] = {''}#
schema_uri: str = ''#
stac_object_types = {Feature}#
pystac.extensions.grid.validated_code(v: str) str[source]#